Vision 4 Kids



vision4kids is a Christian centred Children’s charity based in Northern Ireland with a vision of helping Children and young people worldwide wherever there is a need to improve the quality of life.  vision4kids is currently a fundraising unit designed to help and support children’s and youth work in relation to Education, Health, Welfare (poverty relief) and Spiritual need. 

During the initial set-up of the charity; the founding Trustees outlined the following as their main aims for vision4kids and how the goals would be achieved.

Good Education for all Children

The Trustees must apply the income of vision4kids in furthering the following objects:

1)      To financially (and practically) support various charity organisations and Christian outreach endeavours focused on children and young people.    This will be aimed at:

          a)      Prevention and Relief of poverty and child hardship

          b)      The advancement of Education

          c)       The advancement of healthcare for children and young people

          d)      Support for children’s workers or organisations/charities where there will be a positive impact for the children and young people

2)      To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ where appropriate through the activities relating to the first objective.

The charity will seek to raise money via sponsorship, gifts and fundraising events and will support local, national and international endeavours.

vision4kids is a non-profit charity with an extremely low cost base (and no paid staff) allowing practically every penny that is raised at an event or collection to go to various children’s works.  The team behind vision4kids have a solid background in fundraising and charity work; in 2008 a team organised, by the charity founders, trekked Mount Kilimanjaro raising over £22,000 for a school building programme in Kenya and over £10,000 for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.  Also in 2010 and during the set-up of the charity we have donated over £3,000 towards a Winter Bible Camp in Poland which accommodates and feeds the orphans of Krackow.  We are also in the process of considering several other projects; a number of which are local to Ballymoney and Northern Ireland.

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