Vision 4 Kids


The Four Pillars

vision4kids is founded on the four main themes highlighted in our vision statement…


Promoting and supporting school projects ensuring children and young people have the correct tools and facilities to receive an education.


vision4kids will aim to support projects for healthcare working with established charities as well as individual cases where certain funds or practical help can be offered. Always working in a way that makes life more comfortable for the child in question.


Throughout the world there are many children without basic shelter, clothing and food.  vision4kids will look to provide the necessary materials to improve living conditions and relieve poverty giving a better way of life.


As a Christian based charity the main theme in all we seek to do is to promote the Gospel and see children and young people’s lives transformed through the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Where appropriate vision4kids will endeavour to share the good news of the Gospel through their practically help and giving.

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