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Njenga Surgery & Recovery

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our followers and supporters for their prayers for Njenga (pronounced Jenga). A couple of months ago Njenga underwent surgery to correct a lame leg and correct it’s length. After a successful operation, a few weeks rest, a special support shoe Njenga was able to start walking again, this time without a limp. It did take him a few days to get used to. He had to learn how to walk again as his brain kept telling him he had a limp. Once he realized he would walk properly he was quickly walking and running around like the other boys and girls.

After the success of his operation it was time to focus on his turned in hand and fingers. Now with a special support his fingers have started to straighten and he is able to grasp items normally.

Such a life changing transformation in this boy’s life simply because folk from the UK cared, donated and prayed. We thank God for bring us together with Njenga and for what he has done with him – to God be the glory.

Njenga, along with his parents would like to say thank you to all involved. Please pray that God would not only touch his life physically but that Njenga would come to know the Lord Jesus as his Saviour.

Thank you
From the vision4kids team on behalf of Samson, George (Blessed Hill Headteacher) and Njenga


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