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Mission Trip to Kenya – 2014

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Below is a report by Elaine Campbell on the 2014 mission trip to Kenya:

On 5th April a team from Northern Ireland travelled on a mission trip to Kenya with vision4kids. We travelled there full of excitement and anticipation.

During the week we walked to Blessed Hill Primary School to carry out maintenance work on the school. On the first day we were met by the pupils, who were full of excitement and joy to see us. Even though they were on school holidays, they continued to come every day and spend time with us. Opportunities arose to tell them Bible stories and sing choruses with them. At the school, new floors and windows were put in; a fence was put up at the side of the road and a flag pole erected. The school was also painted and ended up looking great with bright blue and orange.

After lunch each day we then travelled to Kiambururu Primary School where meetings were held with the children there. The team had the opportunity to share their testimonies, teach memory verses and tell Bible stories. The children were so attentive and eager to listen and learn.

On the Saturday, the annual football tournament was held and what a day it turned out to be! Seven teams from local schools took part in the tournament but altogether around 650 children and young people turned up to the field where it was held. As well as the football, other games were organised for those not taking part. A gospel rally was held in the afternoon, where the word of God was preached and all were told of their need of salvation. After this, lunch was given to the children who received four slices of bread and a bottle of coke.  This was a humbling experience for the team as the children received their lunch with such joy and gratitude. That evening we went with Samson to the village meeting which he has every Saturday.

Monday was a highlight for everyone on the team. We had the privilege to take 50 of the children who had full attendance at the village meeting to a National Park. For most, this was their first time out of the village and on a bus. The excitement from the children was contagious and everyone enjoyed every minute. The excitement intensified even more when giraffes, buffalo and monkeys were visible. The name of the park was Hell’s Gate.  After having chicken and chips for lunch while fighting off baboons, a gospel message was again brought to everyone with some being counselled after.

A farewell service was held at Blessed Hill on the Tuesday morning.  Each of the team members received certificates of appreciation; for each of us it was a privilege and honour to have gone there and been part of God’s work in that beautiful village.  A flag was presented to George the Principal of the School and after the children sang the national anthem, the flag was raised on their new flag pole. With tears and sadness the team left Kiambururu that day but we can rejoice knowing that God is working in that village and He cares for every one of His people. After coming home we got news of souls that had been saved and children coming to know the Lord as their Saviour and friend.

We give God all the praise and glory for the trip as without Him it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone for their prayers and support and ask that you remember Kiambururu and the work that continues there.

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