Vision 4 Kids


Developments in Kenya

During the summer months, our work has continued tirelessly as we strive to spread the good news of the gospel and help attend to the various needs of the poor and needy.  Vision4kids missionary Samson Kangethe has been continuing with his children’s meetings in the community which continue to be very well attended and provide a wonderful opportunity to teach the Scriptures.  Over the last two weeks he has been busy distributing all manners of helpful items including toothbrushes, pencils and notebook.  These items were beautifully presented in handmade knitted packs that were made by the ladies at the Salvation Army, Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Samson has also had an opportunity to distribute several more Bibles to children in the local schools.  We are reminded in the Scriptures that God’s Word will not return unto him void and we trust that many will study their copies and come to a saving knowledge of Him.

Further medical screenings have also taken place.  Arranged by Samson, those children in need of medical attention were seen by a doctor who then returned a few days later with the relevant medication to treat the various ailments and illnesses.  This has proved to be a very successful and important venture.  It has diagnosed a few serious cases which have been tackled early and helped to raise awareness of various health issues.

ToothbrushesHealth screening


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