Vision 4 Kids


A landmark reached



On 31st December 2010, vision4kids made its first contribution to helping children and on 20th April 2016, we crossed the six figure mark.  In five and a half years, we have raised and spent £100,000 on helping children around the world.  It has built classroom blocks, toilets and wells; it has clothed some of the world’s poorest children, put food on their tables and given them access to basic medical care.  It has transformed lives by sharing the gospel, giving them copies of God’s word and paying for life-saving medical treatment.  It has enabled children to attend school, train them up to hold down jobs and supported schemes which help street children get into employment.  It has funded Sunday schools and mission activities.

Today, we give God the glory and thank Him for the work that He has done.  We declare with the Psalmist: ‘This is the Lord’s doing: it is marvellous in our eyes’.

We wish to earnestly thank every one of our supporters for their generosity in promoting and furthering the gospel through the work of vision4kids and look forward to your continued support as we endeavour to continue in this work.

Rachael before her surgery.

Rachael before her surgery.


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