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Vision4kids director visits Kiambururu


In May, vision4kids director, Elaine Campbell visited Kiambururu to conduct various business on behalf of the charity.  Here is her report below:

On the 21st May Lauren and I started our travels to Kiambururu, Kenya. This was my third trip and Lauren’s first and I was so excited for her to visit Kiambururu and meet all the children and people we have grown to love. The adventure began the minute we got off the plane!  After a few minor setbacks and car problems we finally made it to the village late on Sunday evening.

From Monday to Friday we visited different schools around the area. We had the opportunity to speak at their assemblies. One thing that really stood out was how well the children listened to the Bible stories and remembered what had been talked about. Some schools were not expecting us but since we were visitors they allowed us to speak with the children. It was such a privilege to be able to share the gospel with them. We realise how precious each child is; they all have hopes and dreams and know that God has a plan for each of their lives. We took part in the Sunday school, teaching them new songs and bringing the Bible story of Zacchaeus. They were so enthusiastic and attentive.

The following Monday I had the privilege of meeting some of the sponsor children’s parents/guardians at Blessed Hill Academy. It was so touching to hear how people in the UK who sponsor their children have completely changed their lives. Through the kindness of the sponsor families the children are receiving an education, food, clothes and their future is a lot brighter. They were full of gratitude and thankfulness to the sponsor families and assured us of their prayers.

In the afternoons we had time to visit the local town throwing sweets and lollipops out the windows at any children walking along the road. It was a great time to catch up with people and see what everyday life is like. I had the new experience of driving in Kenya, an experience not to be forgotten, it was good for the prayer life of everyone in the car! In the evenings we spent time with the local children blowing bubbles and blowing up balloons.

We had a brilliant time staying with Samson and Monicah and having fellowship with them. There was never a dull moment and we enjoyed so much laughter and fun together. We are so thankful for them and for the work they do in their village telling the boys and girls about Jesus. We are looking forward to going back in August and are excited to see what God has instore for Kiambururu.

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