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The Origins of the Work in Kenya

Making new contacts in Kenya

Making new contacts in Kenya

In July 2011 Michael Gray and Stephen Cassells travelled around Lake Victoria visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda.  In these countries, which have so often suffered from famine and drought or been ravaged by war, they met a range of challenges and a number of opportunities to spread God’s word and show Christian love through their giving and support.

Even though this trip was planned, funded and organised by Michael and Stephen, Vision4Kids were able to play a small part in supporting their desire to reach children with the Gospel in the purchase of Bibles and school material.


Samson Kangethe, a former member of the Free Presbyterian Church in London and a former deacon at Calvary Baptist Church, Feltham, is a fervent evangelist in central Kenya and a good friend of Michael and Stephen.  Through the support and generosity of vision4kids and through the contacts on the ground, Michael and Stephen were able to visit local schools, give to the children the message of the gospel and equip the school with Bibles and Christian literature.  Samson also runs a Sunday school for local village children and Michael and Stephen were able to provide for him various resources to help develop that vital work.  The resources which were brought over from the UK have cemented local Christian connections and opened many doors for the furtherance of the gospel which may otherwise have remained closed.

In addition to this, Michael and Stephen visited BCFC Christian Academy in Kapenguria, Kenya which in 2008 the founding trustee’s of vision4kids raised £22,000 towards the school building project through a fundraising trek to Mount Kilimanjaro.

In addition to literature and educational tools; Michael and Stephen were able to bring sports equipment to this rural school to help them in their work.  Vision4kids were able to act as the ‘nominated charity responsible’ when contacting a well known football club for the donation of football kits.

This was the start of the special relationship between vision4kids and the country of Kenya.  From then on, Samson became a part of the work of vision4kids and we were delighted to help him in his spread of the gospel and in his desire to improve the quality of children’s lives in his village of Kiambururu.

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