Vision 4 Kids


Launch of Vision4Kids Kenya

In summer 2011 Stephen Cassells and Michael Gray visited Samson in his home village of Kiambururu to renew fellowship and to encourage him in his gospel work.  Eight months later, after prayer and careful consideration, vision4kids felt that this was a unique opening that God had provided and consequently vision4kids Kenya was born.

Samson Kangethe found Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour while he was working in London having moved there from Kenya in his twenties.  After serving in two different churches in London he then returned home to Kiambururu as he felt called of God to ‘return home’ and tell his friends, neighbours and local children about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Establishing a connection between Samson and the vision4kids team has now developed into something very exciting.

After months of fact-finding, building relationships, understanding and praying for the need, vision4kids are very pleased to launch ‘vision4kids Kenya’ under the administration and oversight of Samson.

We have established 4 key stages to creation of vision4kids Kenya:

1)      To identify immediate needs where vision4kids can help with emergency care and provision.

2)      To establish a monthly welfare programme looking to help those children who need
it most.  This will start with orphans and single parent families. This will include; food, clothing, medicine and other basic needs.

3)      To support Samson as the local evangelist as he works among the children through the Bible clubs, Sunday schools and his visits to the schools.

4)      Long term projects such as building and development work.

Please pray that in all of these things, God would receive all the glory.

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