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Meet Samson

As Samson would tell you, he left Kenya to head to London to ‘find fame and fortune’; but in his own words ‘I found God instead; or at least; He found me’. And back in February 2002 through conviction of sin through the text of Revelation 20 v 15 ‘And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire’, Samson put his faith in Christ and was saved.

After serving as a deacon at Calvary Baptist Church, Feltham, London, and growing as a Christian he felt the call of God to return home and tell his friends, family and neighbours about what God had done for him: Mark 5 v 19 ‘Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee’. So in 2009 he returned home to Kiambururu in Kenya, where he now worked in his parents’ grocer shop and farm.

Samson has since established a number of children’s meetings, a thriving Sunday school and shares the gospel in the local schools.

Samson writes: “It is a joy and privilege to tell of how the LORD is working in our midst here in Kiambururu Kenya. The children’s meeting began at our home on Friday, April 9, 2010 with five children. I opened the meeting with a prayer and conducted a few hymns and laid our founding memory verse which came from  2 Timothy 3 v 15 ‘And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.’

Our numbers  increased as we went on every Friday; due to the increase we shifted to our garden. It is during this period that brother Michael from London brought us Bibles and
other Christian literature which were and are still of great encouragement and we were grateful to the Lord for his timely provision.

Doors have also opened in local primary schools. Kiambururu Primary School has an attendance of 400 pupils and is 1.9km east of my home.  This opportunity came when I attended the local primary school when old students were invited for a prizegiving day. I took with me John’s gospel and some pens for the occasion.  It turned out to be an open door to present the gospel to children, and from that day henceforth this has been continuous to date that every Monday and Friday morning I attend the school to take the meetings.

In July 2011 Michael Gray and Stephen Cassells visited and brought us Bibles, copies of John’s gospel and Christian literature sent by Calvary Baptist Church Feltham London, also with football kits and equipment, with support from Vision4Kids. At the same time we received more Christian literature from the Free Presbyterian Church mission board of Ulster.

Since we have known God’s bounty through your prayers and support the school too has other needs Eg: books, orphans uniforms, foodstuff and hygiene.

The second school I am involved with is Blessed Hill Academy which has 90 pupils and is 2.5kms of our home. It’s a Christian private school. I conduct the meetings on Fridays. Their needs include water storage tank, orphans clothing, foods, books.

More school will be approached as they have orphans and poor who need our help. I pray and trust God to guide in His way as further doors are opened for the teaching of the children.

I worship the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (P.C.E.A) where I serve as an elder, Sunday school patron and teacher. Around 80 children turn up every Sunday morning. The school has helped by lending us a classroom to use for our meetings with the children.  It needs to be painted and repaired. The children usually sit on wooden benches but they are now too few in number due to the huge increase in attendance.”

Samson then concludes his initial report ‘My desire is in the Lord Jesus Christ to know Him, and to glorify God in everything.   Thank you for enabling this work to continue because of prayers and generous giving, I will keep in touch as time goes by, God richly bless you’

Please pray for the work in  Kiambururu; pray for Samson as he ministers among the children, as he chooses  which children to support and help, as he prepares the Scripture lessons  for the various meetings; and that new doors will open.  Pray that God’s name will be glorified.

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