Vision 4 Kids



In addition to our work in Kenya, Vision4Kids is involved in lots of other projects.  We look to support Christian and children’s work at home and throughout the world wherever there is the opportunity to improve the quality of life for a child in need.  Without our own network of suppliers in most countries; Vision4Kids look to provide financial support to those who are already established and working with the local community and who can direct the finances effectively and quickly to those who need it most.

The key aim of Vision4Kids is not just to provide health, welfare and educational support but also to take the Gospel to all children.  It is our prayer that a child will accept Christ as their personal Saviour as a result of the endeavours and outreach Vision4Kids are pleased to support.  The team at Vision4Kids will take every opportunity they have to visit, work and input directly to the various projects.

We will look to provide help where children will benefit regardless of their religion, beliefs, ethnic background or the country they live in.  We will also look to support other Christian charities, ministries and endeavours regardless of their denomination provided their doctrine and/or articles of faith do not directly challenge the seven points outlined for Vision4Kids by the founding trustees.

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