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Summary of the Work in Kenya

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Since the establishing of Vision4kids Kenya, we have been able to help in a number of different ways.  This has included building and infrastructure improvements, poverty relief, the running of gospel campaigns and the distribution of Bibles and Christian literature.  By the grace of God, we have managed to do as follows to date:

Building Work

2012     New water tank at Blessed Hills Primary School

2012     Repair and decoration of Sunday school room

2013     Building of new classroom for standard 6 at Blessed Hills Primary School

2014     Building of two new classrooms for Blessed Hills Primary School

2015     Purchasing of site for the building of new Christian School

Medical Aid

2014     Health screenings and follow up treatment with GP for 50 children in Kiambururu

2014     Successful operation on Njenga to enable him to walk and use his hands

2015     Health screenings and follow up treatment with GP for 50 children in Kiambururu

2015    Successful operation on Rachael to deal with a seriously infected wound

Education and Poverty Relief

2012-present     Sponsorship of 10 orphan children (this provides them with new school uniform, the paying of their school fees, essential personal items and food supplies)

2013-present     Food programme run in the local school which enables the poorest 50 children to receive a hot meal every day

2014-present    Sponsorship programme increased from 10 to 25 children

Christian Outreach

2011-present     Sunday school in Kiambururu

2012-present     Visitation from Samson into the local schools (several times a week) to share the gospel

2013-present     Weekly children’s gospel meeting on a Friday evening

2011     Distribution of 50 Bibles for the local Sunday school

2011     Distribution of Sunday school resources, learning packs, pens, paper etc.

2013     Annual football tournament with gospel address

2013     Special week of children’s meetings

2013    Delivery and distribution of hundreds of Bibles and gospel literature

2014    Vision4Kids Mission Trip; football tournament with gospel address; special gospel meetings; distribution of Bibles etc.

2014     Week-long special children’s mission

2015     Distribution of 100 Bibles to local children

2015     Week-long gospel meetings

2016     Week-long special children’s mission

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